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Cannabis Pairing: Flowers, Concentrates, and Edibles Edition

cannabis flower for cannabis pairing

Cannabis Pairing: Flowers, Concentrates, and Edibles Edition

Pairing cannabis is an art that goes beyond the individual components, creating a well-rounded and heightened experience—with the perfect combinations, you get experiences of a lifetime!

Here’s everything you need to know about cannabis pairing to figure out combinations of cannabis flowers, concentrates, and edibles to elevate your high and enjoy the full spectrum of effects.

The Power Duo – Flowers and Concentrates

Combining cannabis flowers with concentrates creates a dynamic duo that maximizes the entourage effect.

Start with a base of your favorite flower strain and layer it with a small amount of concentrate. The result is an enhanced and synergistic experience, blending the diverse cannabinoids and terpenes for a more potent high.

Flower and Edible Pairing

Begin your experience with a slow-burning flower to lay the foundation. As the effects set in, introduce edibles into the mix.

Edibles have a delayed onset, offering a gradual and sustained high that complements the initial flower experience. This pairing allows for a smooth transition and a prolonged and enjoyable journey.

a packet of edibles for cannabis pairing

Concentrate and Edibles For Intensity

For a more intense and prolonged experience, pair concentrates with edibles.

Start by dabbing a concentrated extract to initiate a quick onset of effects. As the concentrate peaks, introduce an edible to extend the duration of the high. This combination provides a powerful and sustained euphoria.

Flower, Concentrate, and Edible Triad – The Full Spectrum

For the ultimate cannabis experience, combine flowers, concentrates, and edibles in a carefully curated triad. Begin with a flower to set the tone, introduce a concentrate for an immediate boost, and cap it off with an edible for a sustained and layered high. This triad offers a comprehensive exploration of the plant’s effects.

Flavor Matching to Enahnce the Palate

Consider the flavor profiles of each component when pairing.

Choose strains, concentrates, and edibles with complementary flavors to create a harmonious and enjoyable palate. Experimenting with flavor matching adds an extra layer of sophistication to your cannabis pairing.

Mindful Dosage to Balance the Equation

Mindful dosage is crucial when combining different forms of cannabis.

Start with lower doses and gradually increase to find the perfect balance for your desired effects. This approach prevents overconsumption and allows you to tailor the experience to your preferences.


To sum it up, cannabis pairing with flowers, concentrates, and edibles is an art that allows you to create a well-rounded high. Whether combining two elements or exploring the full triad, mindful dosage, and flavor matching enhance the overall experience.


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