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Each Moonstick includes: 1g Top Shelf/Exotic preroll covered in high quality wax and kief

What is a Moonstick? A Moonstick is an exceptional cannabis creation that combines the qualities of premium flower, concentrated oil, and kief into one extraordinary product. It is a handcrafted masterpiece that offers a truly unique and potent experience for cannabis enthusiasts.

How is it made? A Moonstick starts with a carefully rolled joint or blunt, which is then coated with a layer of concentrated oil, adding an extra punch of potency. To elevate its strength even further, the Moonstick is then delicately dusted with kief, a fine powdery substance rich in cannabinoids. This meticulous combination of high-quality ingredients results in a visually stunning and highly potent cannabis treat.

Where can you find it in DMV area? When it comes to finding the best Moonsticks available, look no further than Heady Club DC. As a renowned cannabis dispensary, Heady Club DC takes pride in curating a selection of premium products, and our Moonsticks are no exception. With our commitment to excellence, we prioritize sourcing the highest quality flower, oil, and kief to create Moonsticks that deliver an unparalleled experience.